Spider Traps

There is a species of spider that carries a net spread between its hind legs. When this spider spots a target, it launches itself into the air with legs spread and nets its victim as it lands. Another spider "fishes" with a long strand of gluelike substance. Hanging from a twig, the spider lets down the strand, then pulls it up from time to time to eat any insects that have become stuck to the glue. Another species throws out strands of glue-covered silk that fasten its victims to the ground.

Another spider, the trap-door spider, lives in an underground burrow, keeping its hinged door shut tightly against enemies. When its lunch walks by, it jumps out quicker than you can blink, grabs its prey, and retreats into its burrow, pulling the trap door shut over its head. Still another spider waits under a silken net. When an insect steps on top of the net, the spider reaches up, grabs and pulls its prey down through the silk.

There are also spiders that live off other spiders. One waits in the web of another and eats the food that is trapped there. Another resembles the ants it lives with. By living with ants it escapes pests that bother the spider but do not bother ants.

There is still another spider that doesn't use its web or silk at all, but shoots a glob of sticky goo manufactured in its mouth. When this strikes its prey the substance hardens, rendering the insect unable to defend itself.

There are about as many kinds of spider snares as there are spiders. And there are about as many varieties of ways that Satan uses to trap us, as there are people.

We may be tempted to give in and think, is there any use being on guard with so many snares? We can't keep from being trapped in some way. But we can! Jesus has given us the Bible, the Holy Spirit, and angels to keep us from being snared. It's in the Bible, Isaiah 8:20, " To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them"